The first thing I do in the morning is take a warm shower and wake up. The second thing I usually do is brush my teeth and then put my make up on and all the happy get ready stuff. Then after all that I usually blow dry and style my hair, but lately it seems every time I buy a hair dryer to blow dry my hair with it only last a couple months before dying on me or catching on fire. So, lately I have done a little research and have come up with five of the best top use professional hair dryers to buy and use that will not die or catch on fire when I use them.
The first professional hair dryer I came across when I was doing my research was the “Conair Hair Dryer Ion Shine.” This hair dryer I actually ended up buying because it was affordable and it seem to be built well. The Conair Hair Dryer Ion Shine comes with an 1875 watt hair drying system, an ion on and off switch, immersion shock protection, a three speed setting, a cool shot button, and a two year warranty just encase it decides it is going to die on me. The Conair Hair Dryer Ion Shine cost around thirty dollars and can be bought at Wal-Mart, Target, and online at My personal opinion on this hair dryer is it works really well and really helps dry my hair fast with out making my hair staticy.

The second professional hair dryer I came across when I was searching for a new hair dryer was a, “Elchim 2001 Pro Hair Dryer,” and my hair dresser actually uses this one when she is styling and drying her customers hair. She says it works well because it has different air it can blow out such as cold air, warm air, and hot air. She says it even has a 2000 hour double speed motor so she can keep on using it over and over again. The hair dryer even comes with seven speeds, a removable lint filter, a tapered nozzle, and 1800 watts. You can even get the Elchim 2001 Pro Hair Dryer in a couple different colors as well such as red and black. The Elchim 2001 Pro Hair Dryer cost around ninety dollars and comes with a one year warranty. Now I know for some of you out there the cost of this hair dryer seems a bit high, but I am going to tell you it must work really well and last a long time if my hair dresser is using it to blow dryer her customers hair after she cuts it. You can purchase the Elchim 2001 Pro Hair Dryer online.

Now the third best professional hair dryer out on the market these days that my friend always carries around with her in her gym bag is the “Solis Ionic Travel Dryer.” Apparently this hair dryer comes with a two heat setting, a two speed motor, 1875 watts, ionic drying, a cold shot button to shot cold air, and is very light weight. My friend say she likes it because it came if different colors she likes such as purple, pink, and teal, and because it had a fold in hand so it would store away easily in her gym bag. She said it cost her in between thirty dollars, but the prices always seem to go up and down on hair dryers. You can purchase the Solis Ionic Travel Dryer online.

The fourth professional hair dryer I did research on was the “Hot Tools Pistol Dryer.” The Hot Tools Pistol Dryer comes with 1875 watts, an adjustable power cord, a cool shot styling system, a hanging ring, a hair pik attachment, and a one year warranty. My personal opinion on this was it really didn’t meet my needs because it was just your basic hair dryer and basic hair dryers to me well you know are more likely to crap the bed before you know it. However, I wouldn’t know with the Hot Tools Pistol Dryer because I have never used it and neither has anyone that I know. Basically, this hair dryer cost around thirty dollars and is great for anyone who just wants a basic hair dryer. You can purchase this particular hair dryer online.

Now the fifth and last professional hair dryer I did research on was the, “Solano Ionic Hair Dryer.” This hair dryer however cost an arm and a leg to get and is around one hundred and thirty dollars. However, it does come with ionic drying power, 1875 watts, two speeds, five heat settings, a conditioning hair system that helps stop frizz, two fiber glass nozzles, a hair diffuser, a removable lint filter, and comes in the color black. The Solano Ionic Hair Dryer even comes with a one year warranty. Now a hair dressing down the road from me uses this hair dryer all the time and they say the absolutely love it for styling and drying their customers hair. You can purchase the Solano Ionic Hair Dryer on an online store.

Well, there you have it! The top five best professional hair dryers to purchase and use that will not die or flare up with a fire on you when you use them. You even know how much they cost and where to buy them and my friends and I’s personal opinions on them. I hope this information helps those of you out there looking for and awesome professional hair dryer to blow dry and style your hair with! I know this information helped me out!

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