The Fellowes PS-60 paper shredder is designed for home use. You can find this model for an average price of $100. Here are some of the features that it offers.


The Fellowes PS-60 has a nine inch throat. This allows you to shred both legal and letter size documents. You can feed the unit up to 12 pages at a time. It will cut them up into 7/32 inch strips of paper.


The Fellowes PS-60 paper shredder is equipped with a powerful motor. It offers a nice shredding speed of 11 feet per minute. This translates to about 130 sheets in a minute. The motor is also heavy-duty, so you can shred for up to ten minutes at a time. After that, you will need to let it recover for about 20 minutes. When looking at this power, I must say that it makes this shredder qualify as one of theĀ best paper shredders for 2017.


This shredder has steel cutters. This enables the unit to shred more than just paper. You can feed it metal objects such as paper clips and small staples. The Fellowes PS-60 also accepts plastic credit cards.


The Fellowes PS-60 has a rather large wastebasket. It can hold up to six gallons of material before it needs to be emptied. The wastebasket also has a transparent window. This lets you know when it’s about time to empty it.


The Fellowes PS-60 strip-cut paper shredder is fitted with a gauge that measures sheet capacity. This is designed to keep you from causing a paper jam. However, if you ignore it and cause a jam anyway, you’ll be happy to know that you can remedy the situation easily. Simply press the reverse button and the jam should be cleared in no time.


This unit offers an important safety feature. It is fitted with a sliding safety lock. This will prevent children from operating it without your permission.

The Fellowes PS-60 paper shredder has a powerful motor so it can destroy up to 130 pages in one minute. You can feed 12 pages at a time into the nine-inch throat. This is large enough to accept both letter and legal sized documents. You can also use the reverse button to clear jams easily.

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